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    Animal monitoring
    Our biotelemetry monitoring systems allow researchers to
    monitor and track animals and birds in real-time.
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    environmental monitoring systems
    Our wireless sensing systems can serve thousands
    of sensors around the world.
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    Smart agriculture
    Empower farming by using IoT and Big Data solutions
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    water management
    Monitor and manage the complete water
    system with our wireless sensing technology.


TerraTeq provides a solution to improve productivity and quality in the agricultural sector. We offer affordable solutions for environmental monitoring, and smart agriculture.


TerraTeq environmental and animal monitoring system are fully wireless systems for collecting environmental and animal data, processing, logging and visualization.


Support and extensive resources are available to all our registered clients to get the latest updates of firmware, SDKs and libraries in assistance of development of your smart farming solution.

Our solution

Wireless sensor systems


TerraTeq environmental monitoring system is a fully wireless system for collecting environmental data, processing, logging and visualization. The network architecture is typically laid out in a star topology in which the sensor devices communicate with a multi-network gateway connected to the internet.

Using TerraTeq wireless sensing solution within the agricultural industry provides many benefits to the farmer, increasing the quality of the crops and lowering overall operating costs.

TerraTeq technology reduces the infrastructure costs, extends battery lifetime, and improves sensing and communication coverage. The TerraTeq technology is optimized for low-power consumption and to support large networks with thousands of battery operated devices.

Animal monitoring


The ideal solution for smart farming, as it enables tracking, behaviour analysis and health monitoring of life stock. TerraTeq biotelemetry monitoring system allows researchers to monitor and track animals and birds in real-time. Position information can be based on built in GPS or relative positioning.


TerraTeq supports a range of small radio monitoring systems that can be attached to animals and birds. Wide area coverage is made possible through LPWAN technology or GSM devices.

In contrast to most traditional animal monitoring tags that focus on positioning information, TerraTeq technology includes advanced sensing and processing capabilities. The technology is suitable for livestock management by providing technology for monitoring activity and health of cattle and their living condition.

Your benefits

Monitoring and collecting data for soil moisture, temperature, humidity and sunlight intensity across multiple fields will improve efficiency of water usage and crop yield of large and local farms. As the world population increases, farming and food production will have to increase with it. Low cost sensors, data analytics and IoT platforms will enable this increase in efficiency and production. Here are some benefits of implementing our smart agriculture solution:

  • Increased quality of production - analyzing the quality of the production in relation to treatment can let farmers on how to adjust processes.
  • Lowering overall operating costs - automating processes in planting, treatment and harvesting can reduce resource consumption and overall cost.
  • Increased production with reduced environmental footprint - optimizing crop treatment such as accurate watering, pesticide application and harvesting directly increases production rates while lowering the environmental footprint.
  • Improved livestock health - detect reproduction and health events earlier in animals. Location tracking can improve livestock monitoring and management.
  • Water conservation - soil moisture sensors and weather predictions allow for water use only when and where needed.

"Our craft is technology; our passion is the environment. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for a sustainable future. We stand for innovative products with high quality and low price."

CEO dr.ir. Kyle Zhang