Our features

Versatile and real-time

TerraTeq low-power battery-operated devices can monitor the environmental conditions such as moisture, salinity and temperature sensors and can operate for many years on small batteries.

The system is easy to use, self-configuring, and highly adaptable. Data gathered by TerraTeq's smart sensing technology can be processed both online and offline.

Full wireless connectivity

TerraTeq uses low-power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies that enable the network to cover extensive areas like common in agriculture and environmental monitoring.

The network is reliable and robust and combines long range connectivity (up to 10 km) with multi-hop mesh networking to eliminate single points of failure and expand the reach of networks.

Trustworthy and secure

TerraTeq technology is based upon global emerging standards, and is built on frequency bands that are available for unlicensed use anywhere around the world.

TerraTeq uses a variety of security mechanisms to secure your information.

TerraTeq is using U2F as primary authentication method to securely access your sensor data.

Our products

Multi Sensor Box


Universal sensor interface

The Multi Sensor Box is a versatile smart wireless sensor box built to power, read, and wirelessly transmit data from four sensors.

Many different types of sensors can be attached to the MSP-4. Simply connect the sensors via the 3.5 mm “stereo jack”, or attach the stripped wires to the connector, power it up, and your data is coming in.

The MSB can connect to up to 4 sensors, each supporting 12-bit analog, serial, digital, or pulse interfaces. All channels are software configurable. Compatible with all sensors that have SDI-12.

Deploy and forget

After deployment you simple can read out all data in the Cloud. The Multi Sensor Box has a sealed enclosure that is rated IP56. It can even be buried in the soil to a depth of 50 cm! The MSB-4 will run (and power its sensors) for one to three years, depending on your measurement interval, on 4 AA batteries.

The MSB-4 will automatically connect to the Internet via the Multi Network Gateway. All parameters can be configured either remotely or locally via a Bluetooth connection on your smartphone. The MSB-4 Utility software can select the type of sensor on each port, and specify how often you want the sensors read.

Real-time wireless communication

The TerraTeq technology is optimized for low-power consumption and to support large networks with thousands of battery operated devices. Communication between the end-devices and the gateway spread out on different frequency channels and data rates.

The MSB-4 can wirelessly transmit the 4 sensor readings to the Gateway. A sensor scan includes the date, time, and measurements from each of the four ports. The sampling and transmission frequency can be configured by the MSB-4 Utility software.

Multi Network Gateway


Universal gateway to the internet

Gateways provide a bridge relaying messages between end-devices and a central network server in the backend. Gateways are connected to the network server via standard IP connections while sensor devices use single-hop long-range wireless communication to one or multiple routers or gateways.Wide area coverage is made possible through LPWAN technology, NB-IoT, or GSM devices.

Every Gateway has an integrated GPS to make live even easier. Moreover it has integrated temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure.


High-tech smart farming in the cloud

The TerraTeq Multi Network Gateway will provide you an online environment to manage your soil and water data in the cloud. TerraTeq Smart Sensor Systems enables you to monitor, visualise and manage quantitative and qualitative data using a wide range of sensors.

All data that is gathers wirelessly from Multi Sensor Boxes deployed in the field, is automatically transmitted via the gateway to the cloud, where it can be used for further analysis.

Scalable and versatile

Up to 100 Multi Sensor Boxes can be attached to one Gateway, and with a distance up to 1000 meter. Transmitted data is automatically backed up in the data logger memory to provide extra data protection.

Every Gateway can connect to the internet using GSM with an integrated SIM card, or using LoRaWAN to a public network, or a private LoRaWAN basestation. The Gateway has an integrated battery to support power loss of one hour.

"Not only is a smart agriculture solution the innovative farming method of today, it is the key solution to the growing concern of the global population’s food consumption and environmental footprint."